Assembly Machine for Cabinet Doors

This machine is designed for assembly automatic for doors, cabinet doors and kitchen doors made of wood or MDF featuring one or more panels.

The special feature is the possibility to assemble doors with 90° or 45° joints.

The machine can have a fully automatic or semi-automatic feed depending on requirements in terms of production and flexibility.

Assembly is made using vinyl glue with EVA-based hot-melt glue points to ensure immediate sealing.
There is also the possibility to apply hot melt adhesive glue with anti-vibration action.

By doing so, a rigid and perfectly assembled product exits the machine, ready to be introduced in the production line for further processing or to be packed immediately.

Technical features

  • Chipboard - Wood - MDF
  • 90°/45°/90° overturned
  • up to 6.5 pcs/min
  • Lenght: min 300 – max 2400 mm
    Width: min 220 – max 1000 mm