Automation Systems

Automation solutions that manage the packaging of finished products in a single work sequence, from the production of the box and the coupling with the product to the gluing, closing and palletizing of the parcels.
Thanks to know-how and expertise acquired over more than thirty years, Panotec Automation Systems are recognized on the market for their technology that makes it possible to automatically produce CUSTOM-MADE boxes for each item just-in-time.


What we offer

Panotec Automation Systems can produce and process different types of boxes. Depending on the required box designs, they are set up with specific units able to form and close that specific type of packaging.

Who is our target customer?

The main partners of this kind of technology are well established companies that need to automate the entire end-of-line process from box production to packaging, and also palletizing.

Thanks to the possibility of customizing the systems according to the customer's needs, Panotec Automation Technology can be applied in different sectors including disassembled and assembled furniture, panels, shower boxes, radiators, automotive, e-commerce, logistics and many others.

Relying on smart and versatile solutions like those provided by Panotec is the winning strategy if you want to establish a leading position for your business in extremly competitive markets. Some future-oriented companies, such as Stosa Cucine, Scrigno, Lago and Denso, have chosen these complete packaging systems as a strategic asset in terms of both economic return and brand image.

Why choose a packaging system by Panotec Automation?

With Panotec Automation you can rely on smart, flexible and customizable solutions for all your packaging needs.

With our automated solutions you can streamline the entire logistic and end-of-line process, providing great benefits in economic terms as well as optimizing human resources. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology that guarantees a constant workflow without inefficiencies and bottlenecks, by increasing production capacity and improving the quality of your packaging. Moreover the systems are extremely flexible: we design the system together with you, and it can be completely customized in all stages of the process, from box production to palletizing. In this way our customers can benefit from a customized product that is completely tailored to their specific operational needs.

Highly automated system by Scrigno Porte

The advantages of Panotec Automation Systems


Optimize manpower and production costs


Consistent and streamlined production flow


Greater throughput and production speed


Flexibility in product packaging and enhanced customer experience


Lower production costs


Sustainability and maximum customization according to the customer's requirements