This machine is designed to automatically form the bottom of boxes FEFCO 410 .

An automatic centring device is always provided at the machine inlet to ensure that the box is correctly aligned.

At the first station the four head flaps are erected and glued with hot glue to form the first part of the box tray.

In the second station the remaining four back flaps are then folded and glued with hotmelt glue. Once these two steps are completed, the bottom of the box is formed, and  the item can be placed inside.

The cardboard feeding can be handled manually, automatically from pallets or via a die-cutting machines.

The short set-up and format changeover time make this machine suitable for both production in large batches and lot size 1.

Technical features

  • L 1301 to 2500 mm up to 8 pcs/min
    L 400 to 1300 mm up to 10 pcs/min
  • MIN: L.400 X W.220 X H.30
    MAX: L.2500 X W.1200 X H. 250

  • F410
  • Cardboard thickness: min 3 – max 7 mm