Packaging line for door jambs

Category: Profiles
Level of automation: Highly Automated


1. Streamline packing operations. Since the products are long, narrow in shape and heavy, packing operations required two operators. Two operators are needed to form the box in lenght and due to its heavy weight the products cannot be handled by one person only.
2. As a result there was also a need to increase output.
3. Optimize packaging sizes.


1. to lift the profiles to a suitable height so that they can easily be put into the box by the operator a tilted belt was provided. Thanks to a box forming tool, this step can now also be handled by a single operator.
2. by implementing Automation, the customer was able to increase throughput from 1 piece per minute to 4 pieces per minute, and therefore one operator was allocated to other departments to increase efficiency.

Working Stations

1Item Infeed

Item Infeed

This station includes a transfer belt that moves the jamb profiles to a belt roller table that shifts the products by 90° to the next tilted conveyor.
This conveyor has been designed with an upward angle so as to discharge the items at a suitable height to be placed inside the box by the operator. At the end of the tilted conveyor there is an tilted belt that lowers itself down toward the operator to discharge the items at an operator-friendly height and coupling operations can be handled smoothly.

2Box Production

Box Production

Custom-made boxes are produced by an EVO packaging machine. At the exit of the machine there is a motorized conveyor that conveys the opened boxes towards the coupling station supervised by the operator.

3Coupling and Forming Station

Coupling and Forming Station

The coupling station is supervised by an operator who feeds the open box arriving from the packaging machine into a forming tool to form the tray. The sides of the box are formed and erected manually and the flaps are fitted on the inside of the box since, it is a self-assembling box format F428, and therefore no glue is needed for closing.

Then the operator picks up the profiles from the tilted conveyor and puts them into the box and sends the box to the next longitudinal closing station.

4Longitudinal Closing Station

Longitudinal Closing Station

In this station the box is automatically closed lengthwise with Hotmelt glue.

5Item Outfeed

Item Outfeed

At the outfeed of the longitudinal closing station, there is a roller/belt conveyor to transfer the package by 90° towards the product discharge conveyor.

Technical features

  • F428A
  • 4 PCS/MIN
  • Product length : 2,263 mm
    Product width : 196 ÷ 256 mm
    Product height : 121 mm