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Box docce 2B

Category: Shower Units and Radiators
Level of automation: Semi Automated


1. The packaging line is supplied with products of random size and shape. At the end of the process they must be conveyed to the palletizing areas and assigned to specific palletizing stations.
2. to optimize manpower in the packaging area
3. to keep up the productivity rate of 2.5 pcs/min
4. to couple a heavy, bulky, delicate product which is difficult to handle by a single operator with an open box


1. 9 palletizing stations divided into different units according to the type of box and the destination (vertical warehouse or just-in-time shipment) were provided.
2. Only in one of the station operations are carried out manually: the box prep station in which the items are fitted inside the boxes. The system is designed in such a way that it requires only 1 operator.
3. A high level of automation has been provided to grant a productivity rate of 2.5 pcs min.
4. The coupling unit includes a pin belt conveyor which automatically transfers the items onto the open box.

Working Stations

1Product size detection

Product size detection

The three-dimensional scanner records the dimensions of the items introduced into the line. A tactile sensor detects the width and length of the items by "tactile" tracking on the edges of the product. 

The height of the item is scanned by an optical sensor in the upper part of the infeed area in order to detect the correct values also for items with protruding parts. 

2Box Procurement

Box Procurement

To produce the custom-made boxes for shower units, the system has been equipped with a packaging machine Varybox featuring 6 fanfold slots to optimize cardboard consumption. At the outfeed of the machine the box is transferred to the coupling station on a conveyor.

3Coupling of Box & Item

Coupling of Box & Item

The box-item coupling station is equipped with a motorized pin conveyor able position the product onto the open box produced by the packaging machine.

The Coupling Station should simplify the prep operations handled by the operator, and therefore it is equipped with:
- a set of suction pads to hold the box open;
- a special adjustable tool that supports the operator when folding the upper flap;
- a motorized roller unit fitting the maximum available packaging size, to remove the prepared items once the   operator has completed all operations.

4Glueing and Closing Station

Glueing and Closing Station

Glues the upper flap to the preformed bottom containing the items by means of hotmelt glue. 
When the box enters the first station, hotmelt glue is applied to the longitudinal flap. The gluing pressure occurs as the box advances in line.
The second station closes the upper front and back flaps with hotmelt glue processing two boxes of different sizes at the same time.



5Labelling Station

Labelling Station

The station is equipped with two labelling devices to print and apply the labels on the sides of the box. One is positioned on the right and one on the left side of the conveyor .

6Palettizing Station

Palettizing Station

The circular palletizing area includes a palletizing robot with gripper to handle the boxes. The robot removes the boxes from a motorized outbound conveyor and  - depending on the type of box and its destination - arranges them in one of the vertical baskets.  The boxes are unloaded from 8 vertical palletizing stations. Each station is built with 2 tilted floor guides on which a wheeled cart slides back and forth.  The cart is equipped with limit stops and is designed in such a way that it can carry either the wooden pallet or the wheeled trolley. 

Technical features

  • F410
  • Very high flexibility
  • 3 pcs/min
  • Min: L600xW300xH50
  • n. 1 operator (to prepare the box before it is closed)