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Category: Disassembled Furniture
Level of automation: Semi Automated


1. To optimize human resources and avoid human error
2. Achieve a productivity rate of 3pcs/min in flexibility
3. To improve packaging quality and reduce volume of returns


1. Design of a highly automated system with a single operator managing the box/item coupling station
2. Implementation of an automatic box handling system and automatic box forming and closing stations
3. By creating a tailor-made packaging and adopting an automatic closing system, the new packaging has a better appeal and higher quality than the packaging previously in use

Working Stations

1Box Procurement

Box Procurement

The system is set up with an EVO packaging machine  EVO with 4 cardboard slots. At the outfeed to the packaging machine, a motorized conveyor is provided to convey the produced boxes to the box handling system.


2Box Handling system

Box Handling system

The box handling portal is positioned after the packaging machine. The system turns the boxes by 90° to feed it into the FM410 forming station.

3Forming Station FM410

Forming Station FM410

Before entering the forming station, the box is placed on a centring device where a mechanical system aligns it the box with the station.

The special feature of this forming station is that it is self dimensioning, so it does not require to be manually adjusted by the operator.


4Box-Item Coupling Station

Box-Item Coupling Station

Only one operator is required to place the item inside the box exiting the FM410 station.

The box/item coupling occurs manually at a 3500 mm motorized conveyor belt before entering the CM410 closing station.

5Box Closing Station

Box Closing Station

The items placed inside the boxes are conveyed to the CM410S closing station.
The CM410S is designed to close boxes FEFCO 410. The longitudinal flap and the two transverse flaps are sealed with hotmelt glue.


6Unloading Station with Labelling Unit

Unloading Station with Labelling Unit

The palletising station with manual unloading is the last station of the system. This station also includes an automatic labelling machine.

The label is applied on top of the box.  

Technical features

  • F410
  • Flexibility
  • 3 pcs/min
  • MIN: L 500 X W 300 X H 35
    MAX: L 2500 X W 1150 X H 250
  • 1 Operator