Category: Disassembled Furniture
Level of automation: Highly Automated


To improve the appeal of the packaging, optimize labour costs, increase productivity up to 3 pieces per minute and to switch from completely manual to automated packaging process.


In order to increase productivity up to 3 pieces per minute (box design F410), the system was designed and implemented as shown in the layout. The system includes 3 prep stations managed by 3 operators.

Working Stations

1Box Procurement

Box Procurement

The system features an Evo packaging machine equipped with 6 fanfold slots and a waste management system.  The machine produces the tailor-made boxes afterwards processed by the packaging line


2Box Handling Station

Box Handling Station

Once the box is produced, it is conveyed inside the FM410 using a cardboard handling system which completes the forming operations.

3Forming Station FM410

Forming Station FM410

The box is positioned on a centering device. A mechanical system aligns the box so that it enters the forming station correctly.

The special feature of this forming station is that it adjusts automatically to all sizes and therefore does not require any manual settings.


4Prep Station

Prep Station

The system is provided with 3 prep stations: the operators position the items to be packed on trays and once the trays are ready, the operator releases the box onto the main roller conveyor directed to the CM410S box closing station.

5Closing Station CM410S

Closing Station CM410S

The boxes containing the items are then transferred to the CM410S closing station. The CM410S was designed to close boxes FEFCO 410. The longitudinal flap and the two transversal flaps are sealed with hotmelt glue. The properly sealed boxes exit the line and the station is ready to close the next boxes. So boxes of different sizes can be automatically closed one after another, NONSTOP.


6Labelling Station

Labelling Station

Once the box is closed, a roller conveyor moves it to the labeling station. A device that automatically adjusts to all box sizes applies the label with all the relevant data on top and on the side of the box. The box is now ready to be transferred to the palettizing station.

7Palettizing Station

Palettizing Station

The 6-axis rail palletizing robot picks up the box from the picking area. Depending on the type of box, it can be arranged in a vertical position in one of the baskets or palletized in one of the two available roller conveyors. Once the boxes are in place, an operator clears the area via unloading gateways. 

Technical features

  • F410
  • Flexibility
  • 3 pcs/min
  • MAX: L 3000 X W 1200 X H 150
    MIN: L 400 X W 220 X H 30
  • 3 Operators